WodNow Skill: How it works

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Do you want to test yourself and know your fitness level in each of the main areas of Crossfit?

If yes, get on board!

By performing the Skills in the WodNow app, you will be able to test your fitness level and, depending on the result, reach one of 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite.

Your aim must be to achieve the ELITE level for each Skill.

To access the Skills section, simply click on Training in the main menu and then on Skills to display a page with three options: Cardio, Gymnastics, and Weightlifting.

At the top of this section, you can also see your current level, a summary of your score, and a button to display the details of your skills

But let’s see what all the skills are in the app




For each Skill, the following options are available:

  • Schedule: Click on this button to schedule that Skill on your Whiteboard.
  • Add result: You can add your result without starting the timer.
  • My results: Here, you will find a list of all the results obtained and their details
  • Add to favorites: by clicking on this button, you can add the skill to your favorites so that you can save it and run it later.
  • Add a note: You can add a note
  • Reset: You can reset the result of the Skill. We will see how this works later on. 
  • Button to start the timer “>”: Clicking on this button starts the timer. For some Skills, it is not possible to start the timer but to add the result directly. 

In addition, clicking on the name of each Skill opens a window downwards containing some important information. Here you can see your current level and personal record for that skill. 

Below that, there are the Goals, Levels, and their scores

Goals are the objectives to be achieved to obtain a specific Level and Score.

Depending on the Skill, objectives may be expressed in duration, repetitions, or weight to be lifted.

For each Skill you can achieve:

The fitness level is based on the following parameters:

How do the scores work?


Do the 200m RUN for the first time, reach the BEGINNER level and get 10 points; then the app adds 10 points in the relevant section.

If you complete the same skill again at the same level as before (Beginner), the app will not add any more points.

If you reach a higher level than the previous one, the app will replace the previous score with the new one.

Considering that, for the skill 200m RUN, your current level is BEGINNER and the points are 10, if you reach ADVANCED level by getting 50 points, as this level is higher than your current level, the app will remove the 10 points of the Beginner level and add the 50 points of the ADVANCED level.

Thus, when you reach a level for a skill, the app will only change the score if you reach a higher level than you currently have.

If you perform a skill more than once, the points obtained do not add up.

What is the reset button, and how does it work?

If you wish to reset a Skill because you have had a break or for any other reason, you can click on the RESET button for that particular Skill.

When you click on the Reset button of a skill, the app resets the current level reached for that skill and removes the points gained.


  • You have 1500 points.
  • For skill BACK SQUAT you have previously reached the Advanced level and obtained 50 points;
  • After a long break, you decided to test this skill again;
  • Then you click on the Reset button, and the app resets the Advanced level by removing 50 points;
  • You now have a total of 1450 points.

How are the goals calculated for the skills in the Weightlifting section?

The WodNow app uses an intelligent system to calculate the weights to be lifted, as these are set according to your body weight. 

To be able to perform these Skills, it is, therefore, necessary to enter your body weight in the profile settings.

Test your skills to assess your strengths and weaknesses and to make intelligent choices about your training.

Use this system to motivate yourself to go to the next level and increase your overall fitness.

Now all you have to do is open the app and start training right away!

Try now WodNow app

WodNow is suited for all those people or athletes who workout regularly and want to improve their level of fitness by challenging themselves with increasingly hard workouts.