Which Crossfit shoes are the best?

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Crossfit is the most robust functional training because it contains cross-training style workouts (deadlifts, power cleans, box jump, squats, and many more) that boosts your strength to another level. However, most of the exercises are dependent on the strength of your legs. Hence, your legs are dependent on the grip of your feet. To have a strong feet grip, it is necessary to wear appropriate shoes. However, many people do not know the importance of it. Therefore, today we will provide the top shoes that are best for Crossfit (both Men and Women).

Reebok CrossFit Nano 9

The CrossFit Nano 9 is a newly released shoe by Reebok. This shoe is specially designed for Men who love Crossfit. It has a fantastic midsole that provides absolute comfort to the feet. Moreover, outer Flexweave plays a significant role in enhancing performance.


  • To save your feet from injury and to provide more stability, the shoes have Plastic and TPU heel.
  • The shoes are incredibly lightweight, all thanks to the Flexweave material.
  • The midsole is made of high-density foam that gives significant support to the forefoot.


  • A little wide for narrow footed.

Nike Metcon 4 XD

The Nike Metcon 4 XD is a great shoe specially designed for women who like to dominate cross-training workouts. If you are fond of heavy lifting, do not worry because this shoe can handle it easily. The outsole is incredibly strong as well as it has a TPU heel for better stability.


  • Appropriate for everyday wear and tear because it utilizes Nike’s Haptic 3D print.
  • An extremely light shoe with Nike Flywire.
  • To enhance the durability, the outer layer of the shoe is kept strong.


  • It requires a good amount of money.
  • Not too suitable for running.

Best Shoe for Stability, Squats, and Deadlifts (Nike Metcon 5)

Note: It is a Unisex shoe

Nike Metcon 5 is the best shoe for exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Power Clean. This shoe is considered as one of the best shoes for Crossfit because it provides absolute stability to the consumer. The outsole of the shoe is strong, and the shoe is incredibly flexible. While wearing this shoe, you would not feel any foot pain.


  • The rubber outsole is incredibly strong.
  • TPU heel is used for firm stability.
  • Haptic outer and Lateral rubber outsole is used for long term durability.
  • Double-layer Mesh and Nylon Esque outer along with Nike Flywire.


  • Not a perfect shoe for cardio.

Best Shoe for Agility and Jumping (Under Armour HOVR Rise)

The Under Armour HOVR Rise is the best shoe for agility workout. It has a robust outer construction with an 8mm heel to toe offset. Moreover, it also includes the latest HOVR technology. This shoe is an excellent option for those who want the speed of their legs on another level.


  • The latest HOVR midsole is exceptionally comfortable, responsive, and reactive.
  • No itchiness.
  • Strong outer construction.
  • Durable and lightweight construction.


  • Not the best option for heavyweight exercises.

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