Useful Tips for Working out at Home

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With each passing day, questions about COVID-19 continue to grow at an alarming rate. People can no longer get out of their houses and visit their favourite workout locations. Not performing regular exercise can result in different problems related to both physical and mental illness.

However, there are endless workout possibilities that you can perform at home that will help get you back on the fitness track. You are the only one that holds yourself back. 

We will help provide you with some of the best fitness tips that will keep you motivated and energetic.

If the gym is not available, bring the gym at home

You can do an equipment-free workout at home. Your home workout does not have to be super fancy or complicated. The only thing that matters is if you are willing to take the challenge.

  • Warm-up for at least five minutes by going up and down the stairs.
  • Perform regular repetitions of at least 15-20 Pushups.
  • Squats are the most important in making your body. Performing 15-20 repetitions of Squats with 30-40 seconds intervals can work wonder for your physique. You should be wary of your fitness level as you complete the optimum number of sets to avoid any injuries.
  • Finally, cool down by walking on the spot and stretch your muscles slowly.

If you have simple equipment, including hand weights and a mat, there are several choices that you can experiment. If you are going to use weights, using two different sets is a smart idea, because you can tailor your workout.

If you do not have hand weights and want to add extra energy, try soup canisters or water bottles. Many other devices that could be useful to you include resistance bands or a foam roller. Before a workout, they will help you stretch your muscles and then pamper them.

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Motivate yourself daily by following your self-made Fitness schedule

The ease of home-training is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, at a time which suits you, you can work out at your leisure. This independence, on the other hand, will make it easier to skip sessions and get distracted. To stay consistent and responsible, plan your workouts in your diary or calendar at times when you know you are going to stick to them. Keeping in mind this routine will help you remind that it is time to work out and less likely to forget.

Do you not want to use traditional reminders? Use our app Wodnow, and it contains everything you need to keep yourself on the right track. It will drag you away from all the unnecessary distractions and make you focus on one goal, and that is fitness.

What motivates YOU to keep working out every day? Please share it with us.

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