WodNow Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Last updated: Sep 11, 2021

WodNow’s referral program allows users to earn rewards in the form of discounts or free subscriptions.

By participating in the program, users agree to the following terms and conditions:

How to invite a friend to WodNow.

Each WodNow user (from now on “user”) has a personalized link to share with their friends to invite them to sign up for WodNow and purchase a subscription plan on the website.

Each time five invited people (from now on “friends”) use that link to register as new WodNow users (following WodNow’s general terms and conditions) and purchase a subscription through the website, WodNow rewards the user with a free month’s subscription.

The user agrees to be contacted at the email address registered in the WodNow account once they are eligible for a reward.

The user will then only be able to get his reward if five friends register through his link as new users and purchase one of WodNow’s subscription plans through the website without canceling their subscription before the end of the free trial.

Users cannot send the invitation to themselves.

Friends, using the user’s invitation link, will be able to take advantage of discounts on the purchase of a subscription plan.

Discount on the first subscription

Friends who are invited to subscribe to WodNow receive a discount on the first subscription period. The discount can only be used by purchasing the subscription via the invitation link on the WodNow website. By purchasing a subscription through Google Play, the discount will not be valid, and the user will not be able to receive rewards.

Subsequent subscription renewals will be at full price.

Multiple Invitations

Each friend can only use one link. If a friend receives the link from multiple WodNow users, only the user who sent the link that was used will receive a reward.

Sharing invitation links

WodNow invitation links may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. They may only be shared with individuals with whom you have a personal connection and who will appreciate receiving such invitations. The user warrants that the person to whom he sent the invitation link has consented to receive it. Links may not be posted or distributed in channels where there is no reasonable cause to believe that all or most of the recipients are your friends (e.g., coupon sites or other public forums).

Termination and Modification of the Program

WodNow may suspend or terminate the referral program or a user’s ability to participate in it at any time and for any reason.

WodNow reserves the right to suspend an account in the event of activity that it deems abusive or fraudulent. WodNow also reserves the right to review and investigate all invitation-related activities and suspend accounts or modify invitations as it considers them fair and appropriate.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions Updates

WodNow may update these terms and conditions at any time without notice. If the terms and conditions are changed, the change will be posted on WodNow’s website, apps, or services and will be effective upon posting. By participating in WodNow’s referral program after any change, the user agrees to the change in question.