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In particular, in relation to photos you confirm that you entitled to grant respective right of use.

Insofar as you provide us with user-generated content you therefore grant us the irrevocable, transferable, sublicensable, non-exclusive, non-payable, worldwide and perpetualright to use such content for WodNow’s marketing purposes, in all media and by any means of transfer for all types of use, whether known or unknown, in particular copy, distribute, make publicly available such content, to combine it with other works and to modify and edit it.

If your image is portrayedin the content, the granted right includes your consent to useyour image to the aforementioned extent. If any other individuals are portrayed in the content, you confirm that you have obtained their consent to use their image to the aforementioned extent. In case we make use of your content you will not assert any rights to be named as author of the work. We are, however, entitled to post your username (limited to your first name and the first letter of your family name) along with the content.