I’m Carlo Ceglia, I’m a Digital Marketer and a Functional Trainer, but first of all, I’m a lover of fitness and the digital world.

I train regularly with high-intensity workouts and I like doing my best in all of them. 

In 2016 I opened the @WodNow Instagram page where every day I post a Wod that all the users can perform. 


The community on Instagram has grown thanks to the help of all the users (including you) that have started following and interacting with the posts that are published and to train with the workouts that are offered. 

After using different apps I was not able to find one that fully met my training needs: I wanted an app that had hundreds of workouts with the chance to easily find ones that were suitable for me.

For example, if I wanted to perform Thrusters and Pull-Ups the app had to offer to me all the workouts that contained these two exercises, including the Fran, but the ones I used never had this feature. 

The idea

So at the end of 2016, I created a website with many workouts and with the chance to look for them based on one’s preferences using advanced research. 

I worked even during Holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s, but when it was finally completed I realized something: 

Who could work out by consulting a website? 

So, I decided to create an app. 

But it was an uphill road.
A very steep one.

I was alone and I didn’t have the budget of a big company.

I worked night and day to decide all the features to include in the app, to design the layout, attend courses and study Marketing techniques and strategies to promote the app. 

I’ve studied with extreme focus and dedication, not only from all f the books that I needed to graduate as a Functional Trainer but also from Crossfit manuals, I attended many courses and participated in events and seminars in this field. All of this to be able to create most of the workouts to put in the app.

The determination

Then I hired a software developer and I invested a bit of money I had set aside. 

But after several months he told me had made an error in the assessment and he was not able to complete the project. 

I was so frustrated I wanted to end everything but I couldn’t let go of my idea. 

It was like I was giving up 100 meters from the finish line to conclude Murph.

 So I hired a big company and invested more money. 

I couldn’t leave things unfinished, I had to go all the way.


After months of development, tests, and changes the app I had worked hard on day and night, for which I had to give up on many things, was finally ready.  

After all this effort I finally added my WodNow app on the Google Play Store. 

As months went by, after listening to the users’ needs, I made big changes and improvements. 

So I added new important features and changed the graphic completely. 


My mission is to offer a useful tool to all those people that train regularly and that manage their workouts alone. 

And more. 

The app is also perfect for those who receive training programs remotely from their coaches  in Excel or PDF formats or on WhatsApp or for those who follow online programs. 

Thanks to WodNow you can easily create and program your workouts and keep track of the results. 

How to follow the mission

Thank you!

I personally want to thank all of the 4032 people that joined the first version of the WodNow app and the 64757 people that, on this day, are following the Instagram page. 

Thank you for helping in the creation of this project.