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What is WodNow?

WodNow is the ideal app if you train alone and you want to manage your fitness routine on your own
It is also perfect for those who receive training programs remotely from their coaches  in Excel or PDF formats or on WhatsApp or for those who follow online programs.
Thanks to WodNow you can easily create and program your workouts and keep track of the results. 

Everything you need to create your fitness routine in one app

But, before going into detail, let me explain to you how everything started. 

I would like you to understand the effort and the dedication I put into this project. 

And also

Would like you to feel part of this project because it’s also thanks to you if this idea of mine became reality. 

Let me explain to you why. 

Take some time to read my story.

I can guarantee you’ll feel really motivated afterward. 

If you want to read my story, click here.

Why you need to train with the WodNow app

With WodNow you can plan workouts and check them day by day on your digital Whiteboard.

If you work out more than once a day you can add workouts to the morning, afternoon or evening session.

Open the Whiteboard, check the scheduled workout and start training 

Having a workout plan that’s well organized helps you being consistent and facing every workout with the right motivation.

In sports, just like in business and life in general, the most successful people are the ones who blindly believe they can do it without any question.

Those people who are not afraid of breaking their bones, who try even though there’s a high chance for the worst to happen.

Even better, they don’t even think about the worst happening.

You need to believe in it.

No one can stop you.

Every workout is a challenge.

By facing it with energy and focus you can learn how to handle your emotions and to make every challenge easier than the previous one thanks to your mental clarity.
Picture your goals and keep them clear, your potential will increase with time.

Be consistent and disciplined like a Navy Seal.

The best workout in your pocket, wherever you are.

Inside the app, you can find exclusive workouts that you can’t find anywhere else and you can train wherever you are: 

  • at home with just a kettlebell
  • at the gym to try a CrossFit workout
  • at the park for some bodyweight training
  • with your friends when you need some training ideas

You won’t waste any more time to find workouts to perform.

Thanks to the filters you can find the perfect workout for you!

For every Wod there’s a Leaderboard and based on it you can compare to other athletes.

Keep track of your results

You write your workouts on the whiteboard and, after finishing them, you lose track of them

You created several workouts and you want to try them by keeping track of the results? 

With WodNow you can create, save and do your workouts and access them every time you want

You can see your results’ history to improve time after time. 

Test your fitness level

You will be able to test your fitness level performing the Skills and, depending on the results, you will receive a score to reach one of the 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced; Elite.

Your aim will be to get to the ELITE level for every Skill

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How important do you think your health is?

Train regularly sticking to your training plan, so that you can improve your fitness level and your general health. 

At the same price as a coffee at the bar, you could have unlimited access to all features to maximize your training experience.

Join all the other athletes and become the best version of yourself!